Wisdom beacons us to avoid the repeat of Kedarnath like the death dance of Lord Shiva- Tandon sir

Once you become aware of the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayan region and the kind of hazards involved, the serious question starts hounding you how far should we go on the present spree of establishing hydroelectric power generation one after another? Of course, hydropower is green energy because it does not generate any kind of emissions and pollutants and it does not rely on fossil fuels. The important hydropower projects in the Himalayas under different stages of planning and construction are Subansiri lower hydroelectric project, Testa low dam hydroelectric project, and Chukha hydropower project, Tala hydropower project.

The immediate and urgent concern is the disaster going on in JOSHIMATH where land is sinking. Maybe we should come back to the slogan once very popular ” The small is beautiful”. Micro hydroelectric plants may be the answer. However, such a heavy investment has already been done in these mega hydroelectric projects that it needs a very bold policy decision to implement it.