There is no Jaadu ki Jhappi. The mere hard work that you do in push-ups will not help. But what will do wonder is Mindfulness. This involves increasing your political, social, and cultural awareness. Success will be yours in about 1000 days.- Tandon Sir
1- Only a systematic plan of action will yield the desired result.
For everyone, a day has only 24 hrs and an hour has only 60 minutes. Then how is it that some succeed and others do not despite putting up hard work? A simple way to understand this is that not every athlete who participates manages to win medals in sports. Those who are able to manage their time and energy in a scientific way get the best outcome. The syllabus of UPSC is as wide as the Pacific Ocean so that no one in a limited time span can master it all. Deciding what to study in detail what to just scratch on the surface, and which option to choose is crucial, the problem is there is no set formula for it because it depends upon your aptitude and level of motivation. However, what is clear is that a haphazard or half-hearted approach just because your parents have forced it on you will never be successful. Cracking the UPSC exam is more like a marathon, improve and work on your academic stamina.

2- Usually it will be multi-step progress.
If you are a graduate never miss a chance to get a postgraduate degree in the area of your interest. If you are an MBBS choose your option carefully. The main point is, should you choose your own area as the option or some arts side subjects like political science. If you get a regular job offer for any administrative post even if it is not at par with your final goal accept it, join it and then as soon as you get settled in your present job, restart working for UPSC.
3- OK, your inadequate command of language is a roadblock but not as serious as you would imagine or others will tell you.
When preparing for writing the main exam don’t be scared that your knowledge of the language is poor, it may very well be true.
Also, it is true that a good command of the language and the use of appropriate terminology always help but never lose heart if this is the case.
More important than the knowledge of the intricacies of language is how deeply you have grasped the core concept of the subject. If you believe that you know the answer but are unable to express it, write down your answer in broken Hindi English mixture when training yourself for the task. Then try to improve it yourself by consulting Google. Even then if you are not satisfied consult some technical expert to improve upon what you have written but your initial serious attempt to answer the question yourself is very important because this is what will let you grow( never try to learn by rote some answer given to that question in the guide books).
Remember there is no shortcut to success in UPSC.
Best of luck.